Mission of Ramjas School

The mission of the Ramjas Foundation is to provide a safe and nurturing community where diversity is celebrated, mutual respect among adults and children is practiced, and where parents are seen as valued partners in laying the foundation of life-long learning.

The Foundation creates an environment which is conducive to learning and nurturing talent.

The motto, Shraddha, Gyan, Karm speaks of its emphasis on devotion, wisdom and commitment to hard work.

Vision of Ramjas School

At Ramjas, we believe in holistic education that goes beyond achieving academic excellence and vocational training.

The vision of the school is to prepare future global citizens who are empowered to make independent choices, are responsible and sensitive human beings.

We provide a multicultural, child friendly learning environment to make the teaching–learning process skill based and encourages curiosity. We promote flexibility in the curriculum so as to enable students to become independent learners..

The school offers opportunities to students of all backgrounds which develop:

  • Critical and creative thinking;
  • Self-awareness and the ability to be open minded; and
  • Understanding of global issues and power relationships and problem solving ability