Rachna Pant
Mrs. Rachna Pant Principal - Ramjas School R. K. Puram

Message from the Principal

The changing form of the school is a matter of pride. We are taking a step at a time and in the process teaching invaluable skills to our students. They have learnt to adjust, accommodate, appreciate, conserve and develop a sense of belonging. These lessons are the most valued byproduct of this metamorphosis of meeting challenging times - We aim to input global citizenship spirits.

We are inspired to stride towards excellence in all spheres that we touch. We continue to tinker in Atal Tinkering lab, carry on with GETS Classes, host RBCL, welcome our Nursery students with cheer, award the meritorious, proudly work with the British Council, plant trees in our neighborhood, attend and conduct workshops, event manage Dynamix and make our presence felt globally.

Our efforts have won us footage and accolades in the international media (U.S) where the Principal Mrs. Rachna Pant is seen in conversation with the legendary Kevin Durrant. We were also visible in B.B.C, UK media for ongoing project of linking cricket with Physical Education. We have inked our presence in the global arena.

We have forged new relations with 3 schools in Taiwan apart from our existing long standing partners in the U.K, Japan, U.S, Australia and Dubai. We work closely with Venezuelan Embassy in making this world a better place.

We keep our doors and hearts open to every new opportunity. We always reflect upon the year gone by. The road I see ahead is a long and arduous one, the only promise I make is that the journey would be more beautiful than the destination.

We are on the brink of a new era. Sitting on the cusp and providing a smooth transition. We have empowered our students with fire in their bellies. They have stars in their eyes and feet planted on the earth. They have scripted our success story and each day is a new act. The journey is promised to be a memorable performance, enacting life itself.