School Infrastructure

The building consists of spacious classrooms which have been equipped with Smart Boards to provide students with the most stimulating learning conditions.

The school has Well Equipped Computer labs.It has new age laptops with latest operating systems and technology. The School organises an Inter School Basketball Championship in collaboration with DBA which is the biggest school level tournament. The tournament is called RBCL has become a brand and is celebrating its 25th years. We have world class International Basketball courts.
A vibrant ATL lab promotes the culture of developing innovative spirit and creativity.
The school has a well-equipped Micro Chemistry Lab with high standard safety features.
The school has large lawns which allow students access to various sports.
The Pre-Primary has huge colourful vibrant beautifully maintained class rooms.
We are an ecologically aware and responsible school with water harvesting system.
The school has high resolution CCTV cameras and Intercom with two way communication.

Smart Classroom
A DIGI Classroom
Spacious Lawns

Safe and Secure Environment
Renovated Washrooms