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International Exchange Programs

British Council Connect

Our association with the British Council goes back more than two decades but our entrenchment with them runs deeper. Each year saw us more involved with them and in line with their future vision. We dreamt together with Dreams and Teams and connected with Connecting Class Rooms. We found our partner school in the U.K., Droitwich Spa High School through them and rest is history. We have done innumerable online courses with them, trained our teachers, journeyed through ISA and dared to dream global.

They have been instrumental in bringing unique opportunities our way. We were fortunate in being selected for CMCM programme which combined Cricketing and Music skills to bridge gender gaps. Our two colleagues were trained at Lords by MCC coaches. Under the aegis of the Council, a Taiwanese Team comprising of several Principals from Taiwan, Ms. Lisa Lou, member from the British Council, Taiwan visited our school. As a reciprocal gesture, a group of 10 students and 2 staff members and the Principal, Mrs. Rachna Pant visited Taiwan from November 20th to 24th. We also received a group of 9 students and 6 staff members from Zhang Zheng School, Taiwan.

Our Principal is the Ambassador for the Council. In the future we hope to take this partnership a step further by engaging with them in several areas and providing our children and staff a view of a more compassionate and tolerant world.

We are deeply indebted to Ms. Rittika Parruck, Assistant Director Programme, British Council and Ms Anupama Ghai, Head Schools, English for their support and hope to engage in many other ways with this council.