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Other Facilities

Herbal Garden

Eco Club of the school is maintaining the Herbal Park. It was installed in the year 2009 with the collaboration of Rotary Club, South East. 32 Different varieties of herbal plants such as Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Gloye, kalmegh, Lajwanti, Tulsi, Curry patta, Punarnava, Ajwain, Aloveraetc can be seen here. Herbal plants are used in traditional medicinal practices. These plants products are used in natural healing processes with fewer side effects. Students visit this park and get benefitted by knowing the uses and medicinal value of herbal plants.

Herbal Garden


The school has a canteen which caters to the requirements of staff and students. It provides a wide range of items of refreshment at reasonable rates.

Technology Enabled Instant Connectivity

Technology has stepped into every sphere of human life. Today, technology has changed the way educators teach and the way they communicate with parents and students.

Snap Homework is one such application which extends the classroom communication to parents and students. One of the leading schools in Delhi-Ramjas International School, R.K. Puram has taken up Snap Homework as an upcoming project in the entire school. Teachers of Ramjas International School, R. K. Puram, have downloaded the application Snap Homework on their android phones and are using it to communicate with parents. Parents are receiving daily classroom updates, homework, worksheets and messages from the teacher on their smart phones. This application has enhanced parent-teacher communication while supporting an e-learning initiative.

Teachers are finding this application as a way to instantly communicate with parents and to provide students with additional assistance. They are finding new and innovative ways to use it in the classroom by sending important circulars and sharing activities conducted in the classroom with parents through photographs.

School is receiving positive feedback from the parents as they feel in sync with the classroom processes. Parents consider it to be extremely useful in tracking the daily class work and being updated about the classroom activities. In case where both the parents are working, this initiative is seen as a boon as it enables them to prepare well in advance for the homework requirements of their child. One of the parents has written-'I would like to thank the school for providing such a wonderful help which enables me to schedule my work before my child reaches home.' Another parent has commented that 'this initiative proves that today schools are too tech-savvy to lag behind in any way'.

This initiative taken up by Ramjas International School, R. K. Puram paves way for e-learning and shows the way to the future.

Snap Homework