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Trips and Excursions

EXCURSIONS (2019-20)

The school organises regular trips - educational and adventurous- to give students hands on experience of a variety of situations that help inculcate among students life skills. Fun trips, picnics and excursions are a regular feature of the school calendar.
A fun - filled adventure camp was organised at Koti Shimla from 19th to 22nd May 2019. This was attended by 130 students and 12 teachers. Students enthusiastically participated in various challenging activities like valley crossing, flying fox, Qualia Height Trekking and Burma bridge to name a few.
On 23rd September 2019 students of classes 1 and 2 went to Kidzania, Noida. The visit gave the students an opportunity to participate in various activities that boosted their self confidence. The little ones developed various essential skills like communication and entrepreneurship. They got an opportunity to polish their life skills like psychomotor, cognitive, social and language skills.
The 31st Junior Vanshala Camp was organised by the Ramjas Sports and Mountaineering Institute, Ramjas Foundation, from 2nd to 6th October 2019. The camp held at Rajaji National Park, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, was attended by 14 students of Class 5 accompanied by 2 teachers, Ms. Preethi and Ms. CharuKulshrestha.TheVanshalians experienced a modern Gurukul scenario and first hand experience of life in a village. The team bagged several prizes.
4 students and 2 teachers went to Chitrakoot under the Moral Value Education Programme from 10th to 14th October 2019. Students won several prizes.
An international educational and leisure staff trip to Bali was organised from 30th September to 5th October 2019. The natural scenic beauty and delicious Indonesian cuisine rejuvenated one and all.

All the activities undertaken go a long way in strengthening the bond among teachers and students and have a positive impact on the school environment.


The 31st Junior Vanshala Camp was organized by RSMI, Ramjas Foundation, Delhi between 2nd October, 2019 and 6th October, 2019. Fourteen students from class 5, along with two teachers -- Ms. Preethi and Ms. CharuKulshreasth -- stayed at Adventure Paradise, Rajaji National Park, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

The journey began with a visit to the office of Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Minister of Science and Technology and Minister of Earth Sciences, and another visit to the National Zoological Park to understand the importance of protection and conservation of wildlife a couple of days ahead of the actual visit dates.

Vanshalians learnt a lot about important aspects of life like team work; experienced a modern Gurukul scenario and prepared themselves for their scheduled day-to-day activities. They got an opportunity to visit Ganga Bhojpur Village for a study of that village and interacted with the villagers to know about their lifestyle. The children were fortunate enough to get a chance to relish a jungle safari, bathe in river Ganga and visit Mata Vindyavasini Temple.

Every evening spent in the camp was full of activities, both individual and group, and all the schools participated in these events enthusiastically. The students of Ramjas International School, R.K.Puram also participated with greater zeal and competitive spirit, and bagged 23 gold medals, 17 silver medals and 3 individual trophies for Best in Hygiene and Letter Writing Competitions.

The students were made aware about the interdependence between flora and fauna and human-beings, ecological balance and environmental up-gradation.


A group of 4 students and 2 teachers went to Chitrakoot under the Moral Value Evaluation Education Programme. It was a 4 day trip - 10th to 14th October during which students got the opportunity to learn many new things. On 10th October, the group departed from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station by Mahakoushal Express. They reached Chitrakoot dham Karwi Railway Station by the dawn of 11th October and reached our hotel 'Mandakini Resort' after half an hour. As they were all tired after the journey, they were provided sufficient time to rest and get fresh. As soon as they were all done, they attended a group discussion on the topic Generation Gap. The students took part in the discussion with great enthusiasm and got to learn a lot. After the discussion, they had their refreshments and went to the most famous temple in Satna, Kamadgiri Temple. It is a beautiful place but beware monkeys and langoors! This was followed by a visit to the famous Ramghat, situated on the banks of river Mandakini. Students and teachers took a ride in one of the many beautiful boats there followed by some shopping. The next day, ie 12th, the students went to the other famous religioud places in Chitrakoot district like Hanumana Dhama, Rama Darshana, Sati Anusuiya, Gupta Godavari,etc and bought a lot of stuff. The same day, another group discussion on the topic Balance of Nature was conducted, and this time, the students of our school were able to bag some prizes. On 13th, the students went to some other holy places in Chitrakoot. These were Rama Shaiya, where it is believed that Lord Rama slept, and Bharatkoop, a mythological well where surprisingly, the water never dries up! The students then had lunch and went back to the hotel to pack their bags. As every trip comes to an end, so this too came to an end. The group came back to Delhi on 14th October.

It was an enriching experience with a balanced combination of fun and learning.


Fun filled adventure camp was organised at Koti Shimla from 19th may to 22nd May 2019. A total of 130 students along with 12 teachers were a part of the camp. The camp exposed the students to a variety of challenging and exciting activities like Valley crossing, flying fox and other team building activities , Qualia Height trekking ,tyre climbing, Commando net Burma bridge and bamboo Bridge adventure. The students were full of zeal and enthusiasm during the camp. They energetically completed the activities and no task was left undone. It was a fun filled experience and the students returned with memories to be cherished forever.

Visit to the city of gold- Dubai

Dubai is a unique destination that is both a dynamic Business Centre and a tourist Paradise. An educational cum recreational trip was organised by Ramjas International School RK Puram which included 18 teachers and students to the city of Dreams. Dubai. It was a four day trip which offered dazzling entertainment attractions, cultural Insight, leisure and information about the city of gold. From the timeless tranquillity of desert to the lively Bustle of the souks, Dubai offered a kaleidoscope of attractions to the students. The kids were settle in a beautiful hotel and was served with delicious Indian and Arabic food.

The trip started with an amazing tour to the highlight of Dubai, The Desert Safari. The kids enjoyed Arabic dance and fire show. The next day students visited Bollywood theme park and enjoyed 4D rides and shows. They were escorted to Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world. The kids enjoyed breathtaking view of Dubai. The next destination was the The Marine underwater zoo and Dubai fountain show which was simply breathtaking.

A full day tour to Abu Dhabi was also organised which started the visit to the world's biggest mosque and ended at Ferrari World.
We thank our principal mam for providing us with opportunities that broaden our our horizon and give us wings to fly.


Educational trip to Kidzania, Noida was organized on 23.09.2019 for classes 1 & 2. It provided an environment that empowers kids to explore and challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences. It stimulates creative thinking and boosts self esteem and self confidence level. Kidzania offered a truly unique experience and an interactive learning opportunity. It fosters a hand on approach for children to explore the world of work and a wealth of possibilities that it presents in a safe and vibrant environment.
Children enjoyed role plays as fire fighters, cops, nursing, journalists, reporters, bankers, artists etc. Children enjoyed baking pizzas, candies, chocos and learned about food factories. They had delicious and sumptuous food with frooty, cookies and ice cream.
Children developed a vide range of essential skills and attributes including team work, communication, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, digital literacy, emotional intelligence and global citizenship


An international educational cum leisure staff trip to Bali was held from September 30th, 2019 to October 5th, 2019. The group stayed at a three star Grand Zuri Hotel, Kuta.
The group visited Gold and Silver Smith , Mas village for wood carving, Kintamani Volcano-one of the most scenic part of bali, TirtaEmpul Holy Water Spring, Tegalalang rice terrace, monkey forest, Ubud, Bali swing Alas Harum, Tibumana waterfall, Tanah lot temple. They also enjoyed the panoramic view of Uluwatu temple followed by Kecak Dance. The natural scenic beauty, boating in Indian Ocean, fun at beaches rejuvenated one and all.
The group also relished the Indonesian food and Indian food. It was very interesting to watch the art and culture of Indonesia It was a memorable trip for all.
Such trips help in bonding, which goes a long way and has a very positive impact on school.

Vanshala Camp 2018-19

The 40th Vanshala Camp was organised from 28th December 2018 to 3rd January 2019 by RSMI, Delhi. This year Vanshala was at Kanavashram, Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. The First Vanshala Camp was also held at this place. There were nine students from our School of class 8th and 9th with two teachers Ms. Panchali Chakraborty and Mr. Sandeep Kumar.

The boys had to live in tents and for the girls, there were rooms. There was lots of learning with fun filled activities. Students learnt Team Work, Time Management, Jungle Survival course and about various pug marks of animals etc. There were lots of day to day activities for each group like Bird watching, Jungle expedition, village study, Tree Study and Management project. There was also Target Shooting competition. Every day each student had to write a journal.

The Best Part of the vanshala was the Camp Fire and the Night Duty. Each day there was a group on duty who had to present the Sarva Dharma Prayer, Morning Prayer and the camp fire. We also Celebrated 31st Night in the camp by singing and dancing.

There were competitions like the Written Test, Jungle signs, Painting etc for students. On 3rd January 2019, the Prize Distribution Ceremony was held in the camp. Our School won a total of 23 medals including individual Certificates by the students and teachers.

Senior Vanshala in Jim Corbett

A ten day trip to Senior Vanshala at Mohan was organised for classes 8th to 12th. A total of five boys and five girls comprised a group of 10 children from each school along with two teachers Mr Sandeep Kumar and Ms. Har Kiran Preet. We took the journey by road from Delhi to Mohan by bus.

Mohan is a beautiful small village in the reserve Forest of Jim Corbett it's called Jim Corbett National Park with many species like leopard tiger elephant spotted deer Barking Deer etc.

In the base camp we stayed in the tents. Each group went for trekking to another place from the base camp stay there overnight, cooked their own food. Our students bonded well with the other students who were part of the group. There were many activities in the jungle camp like Target Shooting, Jungle Survival Course, Management Projects, Diary Writing, Painting Competition and campfire at night etc. The Moto of the Vanshala is "One for All, All for One" was truly fulfilled. Our students came back enriched.

Visit to the Rashtrapati Bhawan

A Unique Treat on Children's Day

On 14th November, 2018, we, the students of class V accompanied by our respected Principal ma'am, Mrs. Rachna Pant and our English teacher, Mrs. Jayanti Rao, got a rareopportunity of meeting the Honourable President, Shri Ramnath Kovind ji at the Rashtrapati Bhawan.

We enjoyed the goodies that were served to us. We were also privileged to have taken a group photograph with the President of India which we will cherish forever. We also enjoyed our visit to the museum inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

We are extremely grateful to our Principal ma'am for giving us this once-in-a lifetime opportunity.

Suryansh Chauhan, U. Kaushik, Sautrik Ganguly, Ojaswee Chetal, DishaPanwar and Aditya Nair

Excellence in Co-Curricular

Thought Leadership as a School Principal.


In the month of March 2018 the school organised a trip to Jabalpur. A group of 50 students accompanied by 5 teachers went on a 5 day trip to Jabalpur. The group visited a wild life sanctuary. It was a fun filled trip.

In the month of July, classes 6 to 10 went for the movie 'Jumanji' to Select City Mall, Saket.

In October 2018 classes Nursery to 9th visited the Oh!Max Indoor theme park. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

In the month of November, classes 5 to 9th went on an exchange programme to Taipei. The group of 10 students was accompanied by the Principal and two teachers.

In the month of December the Pre Primary Trip went to Kidzania. Classes 1 to 5th went to Joy Goan, Jhajhar.

Student Council and the three sections of Class 12 went for Fantastic Beast at Select City Mall, Saket.

All the excursions went off smoothly with teachers and students enjoying every activity and outing.